Fisheries catch reconstruction for Iran, 1950-2010

Total marine fisheries catches were estimated for the Iranian Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) waters from 1950 to 2010. All fisheries sectors, i.e., industrial (large-scale, commercial), artisanal (small-scale, commercial), subsistence and recreational, as well as foreign catches were reconstructed to recalculate total catches. Overall, total catches in Iran’s EEZ waters from 1950-2010 were approximately 18.2 million tonnes, of which 14.9 million tonnes were taken by Iranian fishers. It is evident that the data reported by FAO on behalf of Iran (around 5.7 million tonnes in EEZ waters only) represent mainly the large-scale fisheries in this region. Thus, management of artisanal and recreational fisheries is hampered by lack of key data, as is the prevention of illegal fishing.


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