Fisheries in troubled waters

guinea bissau

Marine fisheries catches of Guinea Bissau were reconstructed to account for sectors that have never been considered previously. Two main sectors were identified, the large-scale (industrial) sector, which includes foreign industrial catches, the catches of so-called ‘domestic’ vessels, and the discards they both generate. The other main sector consists of the small-scale fisheries, including subsistence, recreational and, most importantly, the artisanal sectors. Catches were estimated at 13 million tonnes between 1950 and 2010, of which 1.6 million tonnes were caught by domestic fisheries. This is much higher than the 207,000 tonnes supplied to the FAO on behalf of Guinea Bissau. A sharp decline in catches is noted over the last decade, probably due to over-exploitation which threatens the food security of the population of Guinea-Bissau. On the other hand, losses due to illegal fisheries are very high, and controlling illegal fishing will go a long way towards improving the status of the fisheries of, and seafood supply to, Guinea Bissau.


Fisheries in troubled waters: A catch reconstruction for Guinea-Bissau PDF file:

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