Guinean fisheries, past, present and…future?


Guinea is known for the wealth of its fisheries resources, targeted by both the domestic as well as foreign legal and illegal fleets. Domestic fisheries catches along the Guinean coast between 1950 and 2010 were estimated at 8.3 million t, compared to 2 million t of landings as reported to FAO. Small-scale fisheries sub-sectors accounted for over 5.6 million t. Foreign fisheries, with an estimated 22.6 million t between 1950 and 2010, constituted the bulk of fisheries removals in Guinean waters, and threaten the sustainability of Guinea’s already over-exploited fisheries. These fleets caught over 3 times the maximum potential catch estimated by the Guinean government. This poses serious concerns regarding the domestic food security of Guinea, as well as livelihood of fishers and the local economy, as thousands of jobs are lost to illegal foreign fishing.




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