When ‘reality leaves a lot to the imagination’: Liberian fisheries

This work is a first attempt to retrace the history of Liberian marine fisheries and estimate total removals by sector for over six decade, thus attempting to address the lack of coherent information on Liberian fisheries. The results, which cover the years 1950 to 2010, revealed strong inconsistencies in the official catch data. Reconstructed total catches for Liberia for 1950-2010 summed to 4.1 million t, which was about 5 times higher than the 337,900 t officially reported by FAO on behalf of Liberia. Officially reported data also exhibited some unrealistic temporal trends, which were corrected in the reconstructed data. Overall, the main insights gained from the present study were the very large amounts of illegal and unreported catches, worth almost $75 US million annually, in the absence of monitoring, and the strength of the impact of civil conflicts on fisheries and food security.


When ‘reality leaves a lot to the imagination’: Liberian fisheries PDF file:

Reconstructing marine fisheries catches for Liberia PowerPoint file:


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