An attempt at reconstructing the marine fisheries catches in the Congo (ex-Zaïre)

The catches of the marine fisheries of the Democratic Republic of the Congo ‘DRC’, formerly known as Zaïre (here: ‘Congo (ex-Zaïre)’, were estimated, in spite of low availability of quantitative data and pertinent literature. Reconstructed total catches were estimated to be at least twice as much as the data supplied to FAO on behalf of the Congo (ex-Zaïre), with around 764,000 tonnes between 1950 and 2010 compared to 338,000 tonnes reported to the FAO on behalf of the Congo (ex-Zaïre), of which about 70% were taken by the small-scale fisheries. The reconstructed catches illustrate the fact that while political turmoil caused the nascent industrial fisheries to fold, wars and other conflicts contributed to increasing the contribution of small-scale fisheries to total fisheries removals, thus demonstrating the resilience of small-scale fisheries and their crucial role in contributing to the food security of coastal communities.

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