Reconstruction of marine fisheries catches for Algeria

Total marine fisheries catches by Algeria were estimated from 1950 to 2010, including commercial landings, subsistence and recreational catches, as well as illegal and unreported catches. Commercial landings were obtained from FAO fisheries statistics database and from other sources. Non-commercial catch estimates were obtained from field survey data converted to per capita rates and catch per unit of effort estimates using Algerian population and effort data. Illegal catches and discards were estimated using recent at-sea observer data, expanded to cover the 1950-2010 time period. Total reconstructed catches were estimated to be 7.14 million tonnes over the study period, which is almost twice as high as the official landings of 3.9 million tonnes supplied to the FAO. In addition, we noted that the strong decline in catch per unit of effort is probably exacerbated by government subsidies to the fisheries sector.

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