Reconstruction of marine fisheries catches for the Republic of Cape Verde

Total marine fisheries catches were estimated for the islands of Cape Verde from 1950 to 2010. Fisheries catch data were very limited before 1981, when the first fisheries landing surveys started. Catches reported by the Cape Verdean National Institute of Fisheries Development to FAO represent only domestic commercial catches by national fleets. Inconsistencies were found in the data supplied to FAO and were adjusted using various governmental and nongovernmental sources. Total marine fisheries catches for 1950-2010 were estimated at over 758,500 t, including subsistence catches (131,600 t), recreational catches (7,700 t), baitfish catches (177,000 t). Total reconstructed catches of over 758,500 t were 1.7 times the landings of 442,318 t reported by Cape Verde to FAO.


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