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I am a Programme Manager at Ecotrust Canada, where I joined a vibrant and innovative team of managers and practitioners to learn more about aboriginal fisheries. I am also an advisor to the Sea Around Us where I used to be a Research Associate and Fisheries Scientist at the University of British Columbia (UBC). I work on Fisheries equity and food security, community engagement, fishing rights, and First Nation Fisheries and issues that affects them such as illegal fishing, unfair fisheries agreements, lack of appropriate fisheries data and rights, climate change and governance, conflicts and natural disasters. My work focuses greatly on adding transparency and insight through thorough research on fisheries in Canada and abroad. As the Lead engagement for Africa for the Sea Around Us, I worked closely with national and regional bodies, government, non-government and professional organizations towards the uptake of catch reconstructions and I built local capacity and strong collaborations between The Sea Around Us and many partners in the region by conducting numerous training activities from Vancouver and in Africa.
I completed my PhD under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Pauly in Resource Management and Environmental Studies at the Fisheries Centre, UBC, in 2014, just hours before I had my baby. As a researcher that focuses on one of the most problematic fisheries regions in the world [Yes, yes, that includes British Columbia, the “golden child of fisheries management], I reconstructed fisheries catches of all sectors for 22 countries of West Africa, assessed the economic and societal importance of small-scale fisheries in the region and how their resilience and performance were affected by illegal fisheries, climate change and lack of adequate data. My research and engagement work translated in major policy changes in countries of West Africa.

I am also on the board of the National Centre for Fisheries and Aquaculture Research of Algeria, and the FishTracker initiative.