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Estimating global catches from marine recreational fisheries. FAO Fisheries Circular.

By: Freire FMF, Belhabib D, Doherty B, Kleisner K, Lam VWY, Mendonça JT, Moro PS, Motta FS, Palomares MLD, Smith N, McCrea-Strub A, Teh L, Zeller D, Zylich K and Pauly D (in press)

Overview of West African fisheries under climate change: impacts, vulnerabilities and adaptive responses of the artisanal and industrial sectors. Marine Policy

By Belhabib D, Lam VWY, and Cheung WWL (in press)

Still catching attention: Sea Around Us reconstructed global catch data, their spatial expression and public accessibility. Marine Policy

By: Zeller D, Palomares MLD, Tavakolie A, Ang M, Belhabib D, Cheung WWL, Lam VWY, Sy E, Tsui G, Zylich K, and Pauly D. (in press)