Whether you are a parent or a scientist, or both, these blogs will be able to provide you with the information needed around scientific parenting and interesting articles for everyone.

Many articles around pregnancy and parenthood can be quite complicated to understand. On these blogs, it is mostly simplified for any individual to understand. Many heartfelt topics and important issues are discussed on these blogs.

Expecting Science

This blog is written and created by a scientist who is a mother of three children. The blog goes well into the research literature and offers unbiased answers to questions that interest parents. The topics include conception, fertility treatments, pregnancy, and early childhood development.

The articles on this blog are seen by all the readers as entertaining and well written towards what parents want to know. The writer for this blog does not shy away from responding to negative commentary from other individuals and believes in what she writes about.

This is a great blog if you would love to learn more about pregnancy and the science that goes with it, including how children develop and important advice and facts.

Mama is an Academic

Mama is an Academic has been an active blog online since 2017 and is already seen as making a huge impact on readers. It mostly focuses on mothers in academia and the topics apply to mothers in all professions that exist in our life.

The blog creates a space where mothers in academia and other professions can find support with each other with advice and discussions.

The blog was started by scientist mothers at leuphana University in Germany and the University of Leeds in the UK. Topics include maternity leave, fertility, and how the academic system can better support moms.

Tenure, She Wrote

This blog discusses many interesting topics about science and parenthood with a focus on conception and pregnancy struggles. Some of the other interesting topics they cover are both light articles and heavy discussions written by women spanning different career stages in turbulent academic endeavors.

The blog is very creative with warm humor which allows women to truly speak their minds. Mothers can share personal stories which may help other people without judgment or retaliation.

Mostly Microbes

This is a blog with a lot of information about microbes. The founder is Dr. Anne Estes who is a professor of Microbiology and started the blog as a scientific voice in discussing human microbiome research which can help distinguish research findings.

There are sections on birth and the microbiome. Other topics include antibiotic use during birth, seeding, and other factors in the microbiome.