The Science of Child Development

When thinking about the first years of a child’s life, it is important to understand that these early years are fundamental to their future health and development in being healthy and strong.

The brain grows at a fast pace from birth through to early childhood. The brain does continue to develop and change into adulthood, but the first 8 years are vital towards building good future learning and health.

It is important to know that proper nutrition should start during pregnancy to help with the development of the baby’s brain. Even the experiences of meeting other people and worldly experiences can affect brain development in the early years.

Early childhood experiences are important for the development of the brain as children are born ready to learn. They have many skills to learn over many years in their lifespan and depend on parents and people around them to develop their skills and become independent.

How the brain develops is largely affected by the experiences that infants receive with other people and the world, including the parents. Babies learn more efficiently in safe environments, protected from neglect and extreme stress. They should have many opportunities to explore and play.

Exposure to stress and trauma causes long-term negative consequences for the development of the brain, which makes talking, laughing, and reading important, as it stimulates the brain.

Promoting the positive development of the brain can start with pregnancy by advocating a healthy diet and the right nutrients which will promote a healthy pregnancy and nervous system in the growing baby.

Healthy brain growth in an infant depends on the right care and nutrition that the infant is receiving. The child’s brain is still growing and is vulnerable to head injuries and toxins.

Healthy brain development can be achieved by being responsive to the care of the baby’s body and mind. Different life experiences can add a lot to how a baby’s future life turns out. Positive and negative experiences can shape a child’s development and have lifelong effects on who they become and how they react and feel.

Reading, laughing, and talking in a kind voice to your baby can have a positive effect on their lives and how they will develop into healthy young children.