Write for Us

As a magazine, we aim to help parents understand the scientific factors in parenting, how science can help in bringing up infants and young children as well as the development of children. This helps parents to understand what is important around science and how the human condition works.

As science and parenting are becoming more popular subjects to read about online, we are always on the lookout for new writers to join our team in writing about science, parenting science, and child development,

If you believe you have the talent and knowledge to write articles about these subjects, you can consider becoming part of our team. Being a writer on this magazine you would need to have knowledge around these subjects and be able to write informative articles and discussions on parenting and science.

Most importantly, you would need to possess skills in grammar, punctuation, and language. Having experience in science or parenting can help us to consider you for joining our team as a writer.

To apply for a writing job, you would need to submit at least 3 articles and some references on experience that you have as a writer or knowledge in science and parenting. Coming up with catchy titles are important in the magazine world, especially online magazines as there are many websites online.

Some things to consider before applying

You will need to understand who our audience is. Who is reading articles about parenting and science in general and how will you appeal to both these audiences?

What should readers get from your articles? Readers of this magazine will need to trust the information provided and understand the facts and opinions discussed in the articles. Articles need to inspire readers to learn more about the subjects and discuss them with family and friends.

How would readers act on the articles? Providing readers with information and facts can mean many things for different readers. What will your articles inspire and how would readers use the advice and tips that are given?

Contact us on our contact page to learn more about how to apply for becoming a writer in Researcher Diaries Magazine. More information can be provided with facts around how our team works.